FAQs (Babydafy)

  • Are all items pre-ordered?

Yes, we sew upon order for all our products. However we also have readymade instock items, which you may view/purchase on our website. 

  • What is the turnaround time for order?

Ala-carte (non-set) - 7 work days for ala-carte order + 2 days for courier

Pillow-set/Blanket - 12 work days upon payment (done as a batch) We will collate the batch at the end of the month and schedule fabric run (Estimated) Delivery for pillowset orders are done 3rd weekend of each month. For example, Nov batch will be collated end Oct, and completion & delivery will be 3rd weekend of Nov.

  • Can I add customisation to instock items on website?

We have 2 customisation options for fabric; embroidery and iron-on. However only iron-on option is applicable to instock (ready) products on website. Simply choose the iron-on option on product page and leave a note for the customisation name. For embroidery customisation, customer will be required to submit PO form. However you may also opt for iron-on customisation for pre-order.

  • The page went 'blank' after I click 'Submit'. How do I confirm if it was successfully submitted?

Do ensure to scroll all the way to the top for the confirmation msg.

  • Do your pillows come with a separate case?

Yes, except cloud pillow.

  • What is the difference between beansprout husk & minkysprout husk?

The difference is the way the pillowcase is sewn. Beansprout husk case is sewn using the same fabric on both front and back, whereas minkysprout husk is sewn with minkydot fabric on one side. You may browse images shared on our IG highlight to view the difference. Beansprout inserts are exactly the same for both.

  • What is considered ala-carte order? Eg, I want to order 2pc pillow, is it considered set or ala-carte?

As long as each item is of a different fabric, it is considered as ala-carte order. If you want both pillows to be of the same fabric, and if the shortlisted instock fabric is enough to cater to the order, then it can be considered as ala-carte. However for 3pc onwards or blankets, you will have to join the batch for set orders as those require more fabric and instock fabric would not be enough as most of instock fabric are in small portion.

  • Can I customise the set or change the combination of pillows within the set?

Yes, you may customise the set to your preference and we will advise the price accordingly.

  • What is the filling used for the pillow insert?

For beansprout/minkysprout pillow : Beansprout husk (250g)

For all other pillows : Polyester fibre 

  • Can I order pillowcase only, for my personal pillow?

Yes, simply provide the dimension of your pillowcase and we will advise the price according to the measurement

  • What is the difference between normal, premium, super premium and exclusive range fabric?

The difference is the price range per metre. Premium, super premium and exclusive range fabric requires additional top-up of $5, $10 and $15 respectively. Price breakdown per metre is as per below : 

Normal range : $25> , Premium range : $25 - $30 , Super premium : $35 - $40 , Exclusive : $40<

  • Where do I choose the minky and thread colours?

Font and minky options are only given after payment, once customers have finalised on their fabric choice. This way, customers can pick the best suited colours based on their fabric design. We have approximately 50 thread colours available. Minky options vary from time to time and customers are required to choose from what we have available at the time of order.

  • If I opt for patch frame, will the colour be the same as that on PO form?

Frame colour will automatically be the same as the font colour picked by customer. However customer may request for a different thread colour for frame. Each thread change requires a top up of $2.

  • Can I check fabric availability first, before I submit form?

For ala-carte orders, instock fabric options is strictly as per link shared in bio/PO form. We will only check fabric availability based on PO form submitted and priorities will be given to these customers to reserve the fabric they shortlisted.

For set orders, we will only know what is available when we reach spotlight for our scheduled fabric run.

  • Will you be restocking this fabric? Will this fabric be available in future?  

80% of instock fabric (for ala-carte order) are mostly spares we buy when we purchase fabric for customers ordering set orders, whereas the remaining 20% are purchased at random, online. Therefore we are not able to guarantee or predict whether we will restock the fabric or not, as we try to keep instock fabric to a minimal, to avoid fabric wastage. In addition, spotlight fabric sell out fast and are mostly seasonal too. 

  • Can I join batch (for pillowset order) and view the available fabric sent in grp chat, and decide later whether to proceed with order or not? Can I join subsequent batch if I do not like any of the fabrics available in the current batch? Can I cancel order if I did not participate and choose fabric during the scheduled fabric run?

Unfortunately we do not offer the added service of 'browse only'. Each customer is required to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure a slot in the batch, before they are added in the group chat. If customer chooses not to proceed after browsing fabric options, deposit is forfeited. If customer fail to participate during the scheduled fabric run, their order is automatically pushed to next batch as we will not make another trip to Spotlight store for a 2nd fabric run. If customer decides to cancel, deposit is forfeited as well. Customer is required to choose a fabric during the scheduled fabric run.

  • If I have a specific minky colour for my order, can I wait till you restock?

Unfortunately, we do not keep/hold orders. Minky options given during the time of order is final.

  • Can I provide my own fabric and engage your sewing service only?

Unfortunately we do not offer sewing service only as will not know whether the fabric provided will be suitable for our machines.

  • Can I browse Spotlight website/store for the design I want, and provide the image to you?

Unfortunately we are not able to have this arrangement. Not all fabric available at Spotlight is suitable for the order. In addition, Spotlight fabric sell out fast. What is available today, may not be available a few hours/days later, and what they have on website are sometimes not updated too. We have been refunded many times for purchases we made online as the fabric is no longer available at the store even though it was available on website.

  • What is beansprout husk?

They are natural beansprout husks that has been processed; washed, dried & treated, to ensure it's free from any remains from the beansprout.

Benefits : 

Provide comfort & security to baby by stimulating the touch of a mother's hug, when placed over the chest/tummy area.

Calm babies against sudden movement or noises

Resistant to pressure, allowing air gaps to remain in between the husk, which provides breathability and coolness, maintaining a comfortable temperature.

  • What is minky fabric?

Minky is a special type of plush fabric that is 100% polyester and is like fleece, but softer and thicker. The high quality of minky, along with its silky soft texture makes it irresistible and cuddly. This fabric is ideal for babies as it is cooling, cosy and comfortable when resting on their body and skin.